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Are you a personal development junkie, too?

Join us in stepping into as many new places as possible. So that we may grow into the best version of ourselves as possible.  

The power of mindset is fascinating because there really are no limits. Everyday personal development resources can be found on our blog!

I’ve also struggled immensely with autoimmune ailments with my thyroid. Thus, resulting in yo-yo dieting, diet pills, massive research on wellness, etc. in an attempt to maintain a healthy weight and happy lifestyle. What I have found are many great tips and tricks regarding wellness. Additionally, I have found long-term success with the Ketogenic diet, which I write about for all you Keto-lovers.

Consider the Effusive Mind a platform for you to get down to earth, researched pieces of life that fit perfectly for your journey.

You are never off your path. You are right where you need to be. However, when you are lost on your path, Effusive Mind offers a little respite. Take a break from the chaos and from trying too hard to be perfect. Read practical insights about mindset, intentional growth, wellness, self-care, minimalism, content marketing, blogging and how to have life-changing adventures!

Sure. There are many websites and blogs out there sharing a lot of information and knowledge, but that is only half of the battle. The rest of fighting the good fight is about understanding how it all works. Further, how to put it together so that you can create an effusive mind and therefore an effusive life!

Let’s talk about the word –effusive.

Effusive: adjective

1. Expressing feelings of gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained manner.

2. Archaic: pouring freely 

3: Characterized or formed by a nonexplosive outpouring of lava.  

When we live an incredibly effusive life, we are in complete awe of our humanity as well as the power we have within ourselves that is completely divine. WE are in full surrender to our soul’s journey. Found in longing, anguish, love, innocence, adventure, heartbreak, and complete joy, we offer an outpouring of gratitude for being alive.

At the same time, when gratitude is poured out over our life’s mistakes, blunders, and wild adventures in an unrestrained way, something magical happens. That gratitude in its “molten” state has the power to create a rock-solid life covered and held by thanksgiving and appreciation. It’s like a perfect life preserver, bonding the good, the bad, and the ugly with gratitude and in turn, contains ALL the beauty that our life has ever created. Now doesn’t that sound intriguing?

I have a question for you.

What would your life look like if you had an effusive mind orchestrating the significant events?

When unrestrained gratitude solidifies the perfect beauty of our life, it is nothing less than a miracle.

Here is my commitment to you. When you do life here at Effusive Mind, you will get unrestrained gratitude from my mind to yours. You will have the effective blog posts that move your life forward — from the rut to the route for your best life now.

Flexibility of mind, commitment to constant development, exponential personal growth, and extensive research fill the pages of this site so that you can be fully supported and celebrated in your journey!

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Live an effusive life,
Andrea Richardson
Effusive Mind Founder

P.S. Fun facts about me:

I love yoga and hiking.

Watching sunsets and sunrises is a regular pass time of mine. I try my best to meditate daily.

Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd!! Love them.

Attraction Marketing is something I’ve always been passionate about.  Coaching others to grow their businesses online, regardless of their niche or business type is incredibly fulfilling to me.

Architectural design warms my heart and I love Interior Design (In fact, I have a BA degree in it!).

When I was 18, I moved from Salt Lake City to Chicago, lived there for 11 years and am now in Scottsdale, AZ.

And… I have had long-term success with the Ketogenic diet.

Multiple times in my life, I’ve traveled to England, Ireland, Wales, the Netherlands and France. I stayed in France for several months and I am absolutely obsessed!

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