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Grow your Instagram following easily, with just one amazing platform. If you are looking for way to massively increase engagement with real people and to attract real followers, the only program I’d recommend is TagScout. Their program is a month to month paid subscription. They interact with people within niches you specify with semi-generic comments that you provide. They follow/unfollow, like, and comment from your account, therefore getting your name out there 24/7 for you.

Unlike other programs out there, ALL of the people who follow you are real people who do so because they like your content. TagScout is simply interacting with a much larger sector of your potential fans than you or I could humanly do in a day. I’d recommend trying out their 30 free trial to see if it’s for you or not!

Sounds good, but why?

In a world of ever-growing technology, social media is king. Especially when it comes to running a business or growing a brand. Even when it comes down to throwing something as simple as a baby shower, social media is a must. However, many of us don’t have time to deal with all the ins and outs of social media, especially if we’re busy trying to run a business, blog, brand, what have you.

Social media, although it’s a must, it can take up a VERY large chunk of time, more so when it’s done correctly and based on the current algorithms. This doesn’t take into account the time it takes to learn about new algorithms when they’re changed or to keep up with current hashtags, trends, posting styles, etc. This is where TagScout comes in.

Instagram is KING

Instagram is currently one of the largest social media platforms out there. It’s definitely a must if you’re looking to grow any business or brand and it can’t be left out. If you leave out Instagram in your attempt at growth, you will miss out on a lot of traffic and potential connections. This is not a good idea for any brand or business since it can be cut throat just to be seen.

This means you’ll want to be present on every form of social media possible and follow the algorithm to the best of your ability in order to grow and gain traction with your business. With Instagram being such a large social media platform, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t involve your business with it and show it some love.

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Who has time to grow Instagram?

Who has the time to keep up with Instagram though, am I right? It feels like Instagram is constantly changing their algorithm and making it harder and harder for brands to grow. Not to mention, the new “pay to play” stance they’ve been taking in the past year has left businesses struggling to catch up with traffic drops and organic growth.

Staying on top of interactions with people, updating stories daily, posting at least one picture daily, double checking hashtags, making sure you’re not using too many of the same hashtags each day, and the list goes on. No one has the extra time to handle that and make sure it’s covered every day. However, if it’s not covered, the little bit of organic growth you might have going will fall away.

“TagScout easily saves me 8-10 hours a week!” -Me

Thankfully, there are companies out there like TagScout that can help manage your account for you. They do this mainly through automation however, it takes out a lot of the nitty gritty work that takes up the most time. There are scheduling programs out there like Buffer and Tailwind that allow you to schedule Instagram posts to go out daily.

This is helpful so you can schedule in advance instead of having to do it every day. However, these programs don’t help you like other people’s posts, make comments, respond to comments, follow people, etc. This is all the stuff that needs to be done daily in order for any major growth to happen on an Instagram account, in general. However, as mentioned previously, there’s no way any person running a business can keep up with this. There’s no way they can afford to pay someone else to do this daily either.

Automation Will Save Your Sanity

The best part about TagScout is that you’re not just handing this off to someone else and having to guess what is being handled and not handled. TagScout is a program that you can setup yourself. So, although it’s automated, you have full control of what’s going on with your account. This means you can control what’s being commented to people, the type of accounts being followed, how many people are followed/unfollowed per day, and so on and so forth.

TagScout automates all of the following:

  • Following/Unfollowing
  • Commenting on Photos
  • Responding to Comments Left on Your Photos
  • Likes on Other Photos
  • Messaging People Who May Be Interested in Your Business
  • Responding to Messages
  • Scheduling Out Content to Post

Everything is Customizable

Another feature that is useful with TagScout is that it allows you to be really specific about accounts the program automatically interacts with. This means that you won’t be surprised by accounts that you truly didn’t want to be following or interacting with. We’ve all been there, those bot accounts that can be quite gross will just pop up because a program decided it was going to follow and interact with it. Not with TagScout. It allows you to be specific about everything you have the program do for you.

Staying Out of Instagram Jail

Now, one aspect that Instagram can be really picky about is how quickly you do certain actions on your account. For example, if you like too many photos within a certain period of time, it will put you in “jail” and not allow you to like photos from that account until a certain period of time has passed. This time period can differ and it can honestly be pretty annoying. With TagScout, you can set the automated actions to be at a pace you prefer. This way it still keeps it realistic like a person is committing the actions but, you’re not having to sit there in front of your computer endlessly to commit those actions.

Master Hashtags

TagScout also helps with hashtag support which honestly is one of the steps that takes me the longest. Instagram can be so picky about using the same hashtags, using too many, not enough, yadda yadda. It’s pretty annoying and time consuming to tackle this correctly but, TagScout has that covered. Depending on how many accounts you have and what you plan to use TagScout for, the prices will range anywhere from $19 a week to $25 a month. They have various options to fit your needs and it’s budget-friendly. Not to mention their FREE no commitment trial.

Overall, you can’t beat the work TagScout does for you especially at the price they offer. I would never be able to pay someone in a million years, this amount, to do this much work for me. Not to mention the time is saves me which is definitely more useful heading my business than focusing on only one social media platform. You can’t go wrong with TagScout.

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Grow Your Instagram with TagScout!

TagScout is an amazing tool and if you haven’t tried it, you definitely should give it a shot. It’s worth every penny. If you are thinking about trying it, feel free to use this link to sign up!

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*This post contains affiliate link(s). An affiliate link means I may earn advertising / referral fees if you make a purchase through my link. This is without any extra cost to you. It helps keep this website up and running. Thanks for your support!

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