Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy and How To Start One

If you’re a business-minded person, you know that social media is no longer just an option, it’s a must. However, social media is so saturated with countless businesses that you can’t jump into the social media world without a plan. You need a social media marketing strategy which will help you with a coordinated plan of attack. Here’s why you need a social media marketing strategy and how to start one.

Why Do I Need a Strategy?

There are many different routes you can take with social media. However, not all of them are going to be beneficial to your business and boosting traffic to it. It’s important to put together a strategy that’s specific to your business and the goals you have in mind for it.

Often times, marketing can have a big price tag and even if it doesn’t, it takes a lot of time to manage. Either way, having a marketing strategy allows you to not waste time or resources on something that’s going to do nothing in the way of growing your business.

Just because you have marketing out there in general, doesn’t mean that it’s good or doing absolutely anything for your business. It’s important to do it the correct way and with a well-organized strategy. Not only does this bode well for the face of your business but, it also makes you more noticeable to the algorithms used by each social media platform.

Approach Each Social Media Platform Correctly

Each social media platform has a different algorithm. This means that each platform must be approached differently than the last. For example, you cannot post the same size photo, with the same length of text on Twitter as you would Facebook. The same goes for posting frequencies and other aspects of social media.

This just goes to show that each algorithm is poised to search for different aspects across the various platforms. Having a strategy that allows you to cater to each of these algorithms is what will bring you more success than anything on social media. Without a consistent and concise plan, you’re simply wasting time and resources because the algorithm will not pay attention to you otherwise.

How Do I Start a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

If you’re a business on any social media platform, you should have the business version of that platform, if it’s offered. Usually these versions come with insights that are crucial to forming the best marketing strategy for your business or brand.

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There are other programs that bring forth analytics about each social media platform that are vital to sculpting the best social media marketing strategy possible for your business. For example, when are your followers the most active during the day? Is it 5 PM? That’s good to know because then you can plan on posting every day at 5 PM. Oh, wait, they’re only that active at 5 PM on weekdays? Also good to know. That means you can adjust your posting times for the weekend to match the time when your followers are most active.

There are far more details that come along with analytics such as what age group and gender you reach most, what areas you have the largest following in, etc. All of this is the biggest part to forming a social media marketing strategy. Without this information, you’re flying blind.

Set up Google Analytics

If you have a blog, it is crucial to have Google Analytics installed and pay attention to it. Where is your traffic coming from? Personally, most of the traffic to Effusive Mind comes from Pinterest. Anyone who blogs would NOT find that surprising, but analytics will also tell you WHICH exact Pin or link is bringing in what traffic. It’s fascinating!

Set up Tailwind if you use Pinterest!

Tailwind will also provide many of these analytics and even offer suggestions to adjusting your interactions and habits to boost your account even more.

I found it interesting to see some group boards I was involved in on Pinterest was actually hurting my reach. Once I left those and joined ones with higher caliber pinners, my stats increased! I could see all of this through the Tailwind Insights backend. Join our Tailwind Tribe, Bloggers Supporting Bloggers!

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It’s okay to seek out help!

The biggest aspect to social media marketing is being able to admit that you might need some help. If you don’t know where to start, it’s ok to put resources into making sure you’ve got the best route covered for your business.

A social media marketing strategy will be one of your most successful aspects to your business. Online is everything right now, and if you don’t have that stellar online presence, you’ll just wash out with the rest.

If you don’t go the route of getting help with your social media marketing strategy, be sure you have the tools and know-how to accomplish the task. Once you’ve analyzed the data, use it to sculpt a strategy that covers useful posting times, correct hashtags, relevant and trending content, audience, target, etc.

Once you’ve created this outline, begin posting on social media consistently. Keep the same schedule. As you stay consistent, the analytics programs will be able to feed you more data that’s more in line with the algorithm. If the data is changing, adjust your social media marketing strategy with it which is simply fine tuning it. Before you know it, you will have a well-oiled marketing strategy that is perfectly shaped to your business, followers, clients, etc.

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What’s your branding voice?

One aspect that’s important to note is that a marketing strategy has to involve a voice. This means that your social media needs to have the same voice across all platforms. People thrive on more personable experiences in our current society. If you don’t have that touch and it’s just a robot-like posting and marketing strategy, people will catch on and your business will suffer because of it. Interaction will, most likely, always be your largest connect to growing your business and bringing in traffic through social media.

The next step is to get started!

Overall, it can seem daunting at first to come up with a social media strategy. However, it’s worth the work and effort because, once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. The only thing you’ll have to do is go with the slight changes to algorithms, trends, etc. as they come.

As mentioned before, if it’s not clicking for you and you’re struggling to tackle your strategy, don’t fret. It’s ok to hire someone (a virtual assistant) because your social media marketing strategy will be one of the most important aspects of your business growth. This means it’s not a waste of resources if they’re used for this purpose. You should see it as an extremely good investment decision, especially if you hire someone with a reputable history for social media marketing strategies. A good place to find virtual assistants are Facebook groups or even websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

All in all, have fun with it. Really think about connecting with your clients and what they would want. What would you want if you were in their shoes?

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