When it comes to marketing a business or brand, Pinterest is probably the easiest social media platform to handle in terms of the algorithm. Check out the Pinterest Tips That Exploded My Blog Traffic.

While Instagram and Facebook are giving everyone grief and making little sense these days, Pinterest seems to be pretty straight forward with their changes and expectations from users.

Pinterest Tips That Exploded My Blog Traffic

With any social media platform though, Pinterest takes time, effort, and consistency to use correctly and to its biggest potential. You could be making mistakes that are causing a dip in your traffic, or just causing your profile to not be the best it can be. Keep reading to see if you need to be making adjustments to your Pinterest to get the most out of it.

Posting Throughout the Day

If you’re just getting on your Pinterest account and manually posting a clump of pins every day, you’re not helping yourself. The best way to keep your account consistently flowing is by using a scheduling program for your pins.

You need to be doing a mixture of your own pins as well as viral pins that have already been proven to bring in some traffic.

The best scheduler to use is Tailwind as it’s approved by Pinterest and has the best and most consistent track record. Not to mention, it has extra perks which only further boost your Pinterest account.

Posting manually isn’t a bad thing but, it must be calculated and not done in clumps. In other words, sharing 10 pins at 5 PM each day will not contribute anything to your Pinterest in terms of traffic and can even hurt it.


For your profile, you need to have a clear name that sort of gives away what you’re about. For your bio, keep it short and sweet and include a little bit of what you do and are about.

Always make sure your website link is visible on your profile. Link your website to your Pinterest profile! Also, having a good quality profile photo is a must as well.

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Board Organization

Seasons come and go which means that what’s trending on Pinterest will constantly be changing. When people go to your Pinterest page, they will see a list of your boards. Be sure that your boards are arranged according to what’s currently trending.

For example, if it’s January, you should have Valentine’s Day boards, health-oriented boards, St. Patrick’s Day boards, etc. at the top of your list. This way, what most people will be seeking when searching will be readily available to them upon entering your page.

Board Descriptions

Board descriptions should not be a few sentences explaining what users might find in that board. It should be a list of keywords that describe the type of content they might find. See an example below.

Board Name: Dinner Recipes

Description: Dinner Recipes | Chicken Recipes | Steak Recipes | Steak Dinner | Chicken Dinner | Quick Meals | Easy Recipes

Put as many keywords as possible that may pertain strongly to the board itself and the content it will contain. This allows your boards and content to pop up in more searches which ultimately leads to more traffic.

Pinterest is more than a social media platform, it has largely turned into a huge search engine and it needs to be seen and treated more in that manner.

Board Names:

If your board names are something really obscure, odds are, you’ll rarely, if ever, come up in any board searches. You don’t have to make your name too cliché, however, think about if you would search that term when you’re in a pinch and if you wouldn’t, don’t put it as a board name.

Keep your names relevant and searchable. It’s fun to put quirky or cute names on our boards, however, that doesn’t get the traffic.


If you don’t have a profile that allows you to see the analytics on your Pinterest, you should, especially if you’re a business or brand. It’s important to see how you’re performing and how many views you’re getting a month. This allows you to catch on to trends, dips in traffic, pins that did the best, and pins that did the worst.

Of course, there’s even more included with analytics than that, however, it’s vital to know this sort of information in order to make sure you’re taking the correct route with your account.

Set up Tailwind if you use Pinterest!

Tailwind will also provide many of these analytics and even offer suggestions to adjusting your interactions and habits to boost your account even more.

I found it interesting to see some group boards I was involved in on Pinterest was actually hurting my reach. Once I left those and joined ones with higher caliber pinners, my stats increased! I could see all of this through the Tailwind Insights backend.

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Give Tailwind a Try

Tailwind is an amazing tool and if you haven’t tried it, you definitely should give it a shot. It’s worth every penny. If you are thinking about trying it, feel free to use this link to sign up!

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Whatever you do, always focus on being consistent. If you’re going to go one style with a board, do that style with all boards. If you’re going to post randomly throughout the day, choose consistent times and stick with them.

Check your analytics and make sure you’re posting at the best times for your followers. If you’re not, you’re just wasting time and resources on pinning.

Either way, choose an amount of pins to pin each day and do that every day. The algorithm will not pay attention to you one bit if you’re being sporadic with your habits.


Overall, Pinterest, to setup, can take a lot of work. However, once you get it setup and get a consistent plan rolling, it truly runs itself and can be a wonderful source of traffic. Especially for bloggers!

It’s important to note that if your photography or pin quality is low, even the best habits will not get you a ton of traffic. People are drawn to quality and will be more likely to post those pins compared to lower quality pins.

Take a look at most of the viral pins and you will see that photos that are pleasing to the eye are the top pins being saved. If your content is relevant and eye-catching, you can setup your Pinterest, get consistent, and do well for yourself.

However, it comes down to putting in the work and knowing it takes patience to work your way up the ranks. If you stick with it, you will see a huge change before you know it.

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Pinterest Tips That Exploded My Blog Traffic