How to Be a Minimalist When You Love Beauty Products

When it comes to pairing down the items I own, I usually don’t have much trouble. Until I open my makeup drawer that is. From eyeshadow palettes to bath bombs, my beauty product drawers have been overflowing for some time now. No thanks to subscription boxes, but that is a topic for a different article! You don’t have to give up your love for beauty products to still be a minimalist! Here is how to be a minimalist when you love beauty products.

Look for products that go that extra mile

When it comes to deciding what products to keep in your arsenal, you want to focus on those products that go the extra mile for you. Look for products that work as double-duty product. Such as a primer that doubles as a moisturizer,  an eyeshadow that also works well on your brows, etc. This will help you limit the number of beauty supplies you need. Also, you’ll get the most use of what you already have.

Save the samples for traveling

Save your samples for traveling and try them out while you’re away! This will keep you from having to keep travel supplies on hand, and it will give you a chance to work these products into your daily routine. Samples without a purpose tend to go unused and don’t end up working into your natural routine.

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Evaluate how often you really use your beauty products

How often do you really use the beauty products you have? No matter how much makeup you have, I’m willing to bet that you have quite a few extras stashed away somewhere. Go through your makeup palettes and other beauty products you have and ask yourself if you’re really using all of them. If you have an eyeshadow palette that you only use two eyeshadows out of, is it worth getting the whole palette?

Set limits on how much of each item you can have

Once you’ve decided which beauty products you prefer, it’s time to set some hard limits. This will prevent you from ending up in the same situation all over again. Determine how much of each item you will go through in a year. If you have products that last longer than that, you may need to reconsider keeping them. When you’re out looking for new products to add to your collection, you’ll know which items to buy and which to pass.

One in and one out

When it comes to makeup, the best way to keep things from piling up is to use the one in and one out rule. For every lipstick that you bring in, one should leave. This goes for all the beauty products you have. This will help keep your selection down to just your favorites and make it easier to find what you need.

I have always loved beauty products and still do to this day! Follow these tips and your beauty products will never get out of control, and you can still enjoy all of the perks that minimalism has to offer.

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