Overcoming Fear In 6 Simple Steps

Overcoming fear isn’t an easy task. Fear surrounds us every single day because life in general can be scary in a plethora of ways. It’s healthy to admit when we truly fear something because the first step to healing is admitting.

Although, overcoming fear doesn’t have to be complex or rushed. In fact, it’s best to sometimes ease into something like this. Not only does it “stick” better, but it also allows us to grow comfortable with the changes. If we don’t allow ourselves to be comfortable with the changes, then we will scare ourselves away from pursuing it further.

The following are a few ways to overcoming fear in a practical, day-to-day manner. Remember, take the steps you need to take and don’t let others dictate what you know is best for yourself.

Overcoming Fear In 6 Simple Steps

Breathe Deeply

With any situation where your emotions and fears are getting the best of you, try to slow down, and take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath decreases the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscle tension, and helps slow your breathing. All of these being at a normal level help the mind think more clearly and rationally. This allows you to approach a situation more calmly and with more confidence.

Repeat a Mantra

It’s normal to feel silly doing this but you will find it becomes a comfort, something familiar to help ground you when the fear starts to strike. A mantra doesn’t mean you need to be sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and hands held in the air. A mantra can be a simple saying such as, “I can do this.” It’s simply a reminder meant to empower yourself when the situation calls for it.

Stop Over Analyzing

Many times, our fears can be born out of overthinking. It’s never smart to jump into anything without thinking it through first. However, some of us can either sit and think it to death to where we create fake scenarios in our mind or we let our imaginations get the best of us.

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Begin Focusing on the Positive

Life is full of a lot of negative aspects, however, it’s also full of a lot of positive aspects as well. Begin focusing on the positive things you have in life; all the things that make you happy and unafraid. The less you focus on the things you fear, the more you’ll start to forget about them.

What Can This Experience Teach Us?

Asking ourselves how we might benefit from a fearful situation can be incredibly helpful in our own personal development. Also, in overcoming fear. Growth, building courage and gaining strength always cause pain, but it’s beneficial. Building wisdom for when a similar obstacle arising in the future. We will be better prepared. Also, we will be able to assist others with our insight.

Ask for Help

It’s never a bad thing to ask for someone to help you through battling a fear. Often times, the right person can keep us grounded and in check with reality. It’s too easy to lose sight of reality when our fear is gripping us tightly around the throat. Allow them to help guide you back down when you can’t do it yourself.

As I mentioned, allow yourself to take one step at a time. Don’t try to shove all these steps and approaches in at once. Try adding one at a time and you will eventually overcome your fear if you stick with it.

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