Spooky Places in Arizona That You Can Visit

Spooky places in Arizona on the mind?

Are you on the lookout for spooky places in Arizona? If so, be sure to check out these ten great places that you can visit. Just make sure you don’t “spook” easily!

Arizona is a state rich in history, and with that history comes a bit of notoriety, as well. The old west comes to life in many places in Arizona. And oftentimes, when the past comes to life, things get spooky. If you are looking for spooky places in Arizona that you can visit, you’ve come to the right place. The variety of choices here offers something for everyone. Whether you are into exploring old theatres or mines – or simply looking for a lovely place (with a little something extra) to stay for the night or the weekend, you are sure to find an intriguing destination on this list!

Vulture Mine – Wickenburg, AZ

A visit to the Vulture Mine and Vulture City is like taking a trip back in time. The mine was established in 1863 and the Vulture City settlement was born three years later. In its heyday, the Vulture mine produced a fortune of gold and silver. The nearby settlement supported 5,000 people. Unfortunately, it all came to an end in the early 1940s.

The mine and settlement have been fully restored and are well-maintained. They welcome visitors almost every day! At certain times of the year, they even have guided tours. But many believe that even if you visit the Vulture Mine by yourself, you are never really alone. Activity with spirits are reported on a regular basis, in many locations. Most notable are the mess hall and the large tree that was once used for hanging criminals. But no matter where you wander while visiting the Vulture Mine and Vulture City, keep your eyes and ears open. If you’re not careful, something might sneak up behind you!

Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix, AZ

If you have dreams of spending the night in a haunted hotel, check out the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix. It is one of several hotels in Arizona with a reputation for “guests who go bump in the night.” This lovely hotel opened in 1928 and is the oldest continuously operated hotel in the city of Phoenix. Conveniently located, the Hotel San Carlos is a great place to stay for anyone wanting to spend some quality time in one of the most popular spooky places in Arizona. After you check in, you may be awakened by the sound of children running and playing at night. They are just a few of the permanent guests said to wander the halls of the Hotel San Carlos!

Yuma Territorial Prison, Yuma AZ

The notorious Yuma Territorial Prison operated from 1876 to 1909. It housed a wide variety of prisoners during the 33 years it was in operation. This spooky location has been the site of a multitude of deaths – many of them from tuberculosis. And visitors to the prison often feel the presence of those who time has left behind.

A visit to the Yuma Territorial Prison is a very interesting opportunity to step back in time for a little while. Walk around the old cell block, which sometimes housed up to six prisoners in one cell! Climb up into the old guard tower, where you can see the land around you, far and wide. And the on-site museum is full of amazing exhibits and historical information.

But as you take in the sights and sounds around you, don’t be surprised if you feel the playful pinch of a little girl spirit, especially if you are wearing red. And you may get a chill when you near Cell number 14, where a prisoner once committed suicide. At the Yuma Territorial Prison, the past is never very far away from the present.

The Red Garter Inn, Williams, AZ

If you are looking for an amazing place to stay in Northern Arizona, you should check out the Red Garter Inn. This lovely inn was once a popular bordello and saloon. Small, charming, and full of history, the two-story Victorian building features an atmosphere right out of the old west. You can stay in one of four beautifully decorated guest rooms, each with its own unique style. And the food served at the on-site restaurant is said to be out of this world.

But this lovely inn is also one of the great spooky places in Arizona. Numerous spirits are said to haunt the halls, particularly the ghost of a woman who loves to enter the rooms to touch the guests. You may hear her jiggling your doorknob, or even shaking your bed as you try to go to sleep. But don’t be afraid. She’s probably only trying to make sure you have a good time during your visit!

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Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome, AZ

The lovely mountain town of Jerome, Arizona was once considered the “Wickedest Town in the West.” Located an hour north of Phoenix, Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and offers many wonderful museums, art galleries, and delicious dining experiences for travelers looking to escape the city for a little while. And for visitors looking to stay overnight, the Jerome Grand Hotel awaits.

Guests can choose from several beautifully decorated rooms in this charming Spanish Mission Style hotel, enjoying wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and valley. But at the Jerome Grand Hotel, your stay may very well include a ghostly encounter or two. Because this beautiful hotel was once the United Verde Hospital – where over 9,000 people died during its years in operation. Guests have reported hearing hospital gurneys in the hallways, and voices talking when there is no one around. In fact, there are so many spooky experiences reported at the Jerome Grand Hotel that even hardened skeptics may find themselves true believers by the time they checkout!

Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe, AZ

When it comes to spooky places in Arizona, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more delicious than Casey’s. If you get hungry while spending time in Tempe, Arizona, Casey Moore’s Oyster House is an amazing Irish Pub famous for delicious food and tempting beverages. But the spirits at Casey Moore’s are not confined to the drinks ordered from the bar. This popular eatery is also known for the spirits that you can’t quite see – except perhaps from the corner of your eye.

The folks at Casey Moore’s are actually rather proud of their spirits. The pub was once the home of a lovely Irish lass who was born to immigrants in 1886. Although the lovely Casey Moore has passed on, it is believed that her spirit remains in the pub that bears her name, and guests report seeing her dance or feeling her playfully tugging on neckties and other clothing.

Sometimes things even go missing for a time, turning up later in unexpected places. And if you and the one you love engage in any public displays of affection, you might just invite the attention of a mischievous spirit. At Casey Moore’s Oyster House, it is always good to expect the unexpected!

The Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee, AZ

One of the most famous spooky places in Arizona is the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. The Copper Queen Hotel is located in Southern Arizona. They opened in 1902 and even today it’s known to be the oldest continuously operated hotel in Arizona. It is also the only full-service hotel in Bisbee, sporting an on-site restaurant and saloon for guests to enjoy, as well as their comfortable rooms.

The Copper Queen Hotel has welcomed a number of famous guests and has been featured on several “ghost hunting” type shows. And if you plan your stay at the Copper Queen in advance, you can do your share of ghost hunting there, as well.

On the first and third Thursday each month, guests can actually choose the “Ghost Hunt” package with their room. The staff are happy to teach you how to operate equipment that help track paranormal activity. You can then wander freely around the hotel looking for the three (or more?) ghosts who are known to reside there. You may run across the man in the top hat, the playful little boy, or the sweet lingering spirit of a “lady of the night” who once worked in the hotel in years gone by. Many guests have remarked on the lovely scent of her perfume.

Bisbee is only about 30 miles from Tombstone, another favorite spooky place. So if you are looking for haunting adventures in Arizona, the Copper Queen Hotel should definitely be on your list!

The Palace Restaurant & Saloon, Prescott, AZ

If you are looking for an amazing experience in Prescott, Arizona, the Palace Restaurant and Saloon offers you a good time, and more! This charming establishment opened in 1877, offering residents some of the best and most exotic liqueurs from around the world. Unfortunately, in 1883 and again in 1900, fires broke out, destroying the building and threatening to close the Palace Restaurant and Saloon forever. Fortunately, the owner rebuilt, opening the current building in 1901. Since then, the Palace Restaurant and Saloon has been a popular place for drinks and dinner theater and has even been a popular filming location featured in several movies.

But this beautiful establishment is not simply famous for the best prime rib south of Las Vegas, NV. It is also famous for its ghosts. In fact, the Palace Restaurant and Saloon has been famous for hauntings since the late 1800s!

Despite the name, the Palace hotel is really much more than a restaurant and saloon. Come for dinner and enjoy the show in their wonderful dinner theater. Or simply spend some time enjoying lunch or a few drinks while you soak up the atmosphere.

When you visit, be careful if you are invited to play cards, especially poker. Once upon a time, a man named Nevins lost everything to the town sheriff during a particularly grueling poker game, and it is said that when people play poker at the Palace, Nevins shows up, still hoping to win back the property he lost!

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The Hermosa Inn, Scottsdale, AZ

If you are as interested in romantic destinations as you are in spooky places in Arizona, consider spending the night at the Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale. This beautiful and luxurious inn is the perfect escape from the world. It sits on six acres at the foot of the Camelback Mountain and the only thing that surpasses the beauty of this boutique hotel is the view of the surrounding land.

The guest rooms are pure luxury, offering private patios, romantic fireplaces, and attractive decor. The on-site bar and restaurant offer up the most tantalizing flavors, as well. All these things combined make the Hermosa Inn an absolutely extraordinary place to say for discerning travelers.

The Hermosa Inn is wonderful! Rumor has it that the former owner, Lon Megargee, still wanders the grounds daily to keep an eye on the place. Although he passed away years ago, guests often report seeing a “lanky cowboy” on the property from time to time. He breaks things, moves stuff around, and flushes toilets here and there. So if you happen to see Lon during your stay, be sure and say hello and thank him for creating such a lovely place. You might just please him so much, he’ll leave your belongings alone!

The Birdcage Theatre, Tombstone, AZ

For anyone looking for spooky places in Arizona, Tombstone is one of the first places that come to mind. The ultimate Tombstone experience might just be the famous (or infamous) Birdcage Theatre! This grand establishment opened in 1881 and soon became a place of notoriety in the southwest. In fact, it was so well-known that although it was only open for eight years, the legendary theatre remains famous to this day.

The Birdcage Theatre is also one of the few original buildings to survive since the days when Tombstone was an active, living town. Taking a tour of the Birdcage takes you back to a time when the west was wild, and the evidence they left behind is all around you for you to see.

Those who are more interested in history than ghosts can take a self-guided tour through the building during the day. Although this is no guarantee that you won’t experience some other-worldly activity, you may find it easier to face while the sun is high in the sky. But for those who really want to enjoy a spooky experience, there are ghost tours every evening, and it is the perfect opportunity to feel the past coming to life around you.

The Birdcage Theatre may have closed long ago, but someone may have forgotten to tell that to the spirits who still linger there inside its walls, making it one of the most popular spooky places in Arizona!

We hope that this list of spooky places in Arizona inspires you to set your fears aside and seek out some spooky ghost adventures! After all, what do you have to be afraid of?

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