The Magic Of Tidying Up, Five Things I’ve Learned

The Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo has simplified many aspects of my home and therefore, my life. Dramatic? Not at all! The method of tidying has transformed the way we look at the items within our home. We are now challenged to keep only the items we use regularly, and only the ones that truly spark joy. When I first heard of Marie Kondo’s method of holding each item in your hand, I asked myself how in the world a blender could spark joy? What about a spoon? It sounded downright silly until I did it. Here are five things I learned from the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up.

The Magic of Tidying Up, Five Things I’ve Learned

Decluttering all at once instead of short bursts

Marie Kondo suggests that rather than doing it in short bursts, you should do all of your decluttering in just one day. While I found that trying to tackle an entire home in one day was nearly impossible, focusing on one category at a time made a huge difference. When you’re able to see all your clothes in a pile in front of you, it makes it easier to let things go and really prioritize what you have.

You’ll be surprised what sparks joy and what doesn’t

Sentimental items that I once considered a treasured item found its way into a donation bin during this challenge, and it changed the entire way I started thinking about my stuff. Rather than holding each item in my hands and really thinking through if it made me happy, I assumed I still felt the same way about those items. You may be surprised which items spark joy, and which ones don’t make the cut.

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Save the sentimental items for last

Marie Kondo feels that you should save your sentimental clutter for last because these are the hardest items to part ways with. The saying “Eat the frog” or “do the hardest thing first” doesn’t apply with this method. By the time I had gotten rid of the other items, I was prepared for the sentimental clutter and it went by so much faster!

Dress for the occasion

Marie Kondo suggests that you dress for the occasion and put on a nice dress or an outfit you really love. This might sound silly, but it put me in the right mindset to declutter. Instead of a dreaded task, it became more enjoyable and more eventful.

Thank the items in your home for their service

Thanking those sentimental items or gifts that leave your home makes it easier to let them go. It gives you a closure that I can’t even begin to describe! Once the item has left your home, and you’ve learned to say goodbye, the weight starts to dissipate, too. Learning to interact with items on an emotional level helped me not only learn which items brought me happiness but the ones that I had to eliminate. By thanking an item before it left my home, I felt that it was truly going to a better place and that it had served me well during its time here.

I hope that these lessons will not only help you declutter your home but encourage you to pick up a copy of the book. Give it a try yourself! You can find it Here. Also, check out our related post, The Konmarie Inspired Decluttering Challenge.

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