Marie Kondo has a fascinating way to declutter, and through the use of her Japanese decluttering method, she promises that you will never have to declutter again! Sounds pretty great, right? After being inspired by the Konmari method of decluttering, I’ve created a 15-day challenge to help you pare down your belongings to only those items that spark joy.

Ready to Start The Konmari Inspired Decluttering Challenge?

In each challenge, we will focus on one area of your home. Remove all the items from your home of this category and put them all in one place. As you go through each item, pick up each piece and ask yourself if this item sparks joy. If the answer is no, discard it and if the answer is yes, keep it.

Day 1

Today’s challenge will focus on your clothing items. This includes everything from your undergarments to handbags and even Halloween costumes. The first day of the Konmari decluttering challenge is the perfect time to start reminding yourself why you are doing this. What are you gaining from having less clutter?

Day 2

Gather all the books in your home and begin to purge. This includes cookbooks, magazines, and even phone books. For books that you have already read, if you haven’t reread them in the last five years, get rid of them. For books that you haven’t read, give yourself one year to read them and then discard if they are still unread.

Day 3

Find all of the papers in your home and gather them all into one place. Organize them into categories and begin purging them. When possible, find a way to digitize them!

Day 4

To start the komono part of this challenge, we are starting with general komono items such as DVDs, video games, cords, remotes, pet and craft supplies.

Day 5

Focus on your kid’s komono items today. This includes toys, board games, and even sporting equipment. This is also where you can focus on your pet’s items.

Day 6

Go through your office supplies and items today. This also includes computers and digital clutter as well.

Day 7

Since we’ve already focused on our cookbooks, the next place you’ll want to declutter is the kitchen. This includes everything that normally is housed in your kitchen.

Day 8

Remove every piece of décor, unless it’s sincerely sentimental, and gather it in one place to declutter.

Day 9

Go through your garage and begin decluttering today.

Day 10

Gather up all of your linens today and begin decluttering. If it is worn or out of style for your current décor, purge it!

Day 11

Today, gather up all of your beauty supplies and begin purging. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work for you. If it’s brand new but not your shade, give it to someone who will find joy in it.

Day 12

Declutter anything that hasn’t been sorted in your bathroom up to this point.

Day 13

Gather up your sentimental items and begin decluttering. Are you holding onto something out of obligation? Release this burden and get rid of it. If it was a gift, I bet that person will never go into your home and try to find the item. If they do, their expectation shouldn’t be your burden.

Day 14

Now that you have completely purged your home of anything that does not bring you joy. It’s time to clean up your home and wipe down the spaces while they’re still empty.

Day 15

After your home is finally sparkling and free of clutter, take this time to go ahead and find a home for each of your items.


I hope that after you have finished this Konmari inspired decluttering challenge that your home not only feels a little lighter but the items you are left with spark joy in your life. If you have not yet read this book, I encourage you to pick up a copy and give it a try for yourself! You can find it Here. Also, check out our related post, Five Things I Learned from the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up.

If you have used any of these techniques or have others to recommend, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page!

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Konmari Decluttering Challenge 15 Day To Do List


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